Make sure all your players are heard

In the right voice and at the perfect time

User acquisition is tough. Costs are rising as users get savvier and more discerning in the games they play. As developers, we know your pain. But as developers, we also understand the quickest fix to user retention in Southeast Asia: catering for a rich customer experience.

Customer Support

Quest Drop provides various channels of customer support that are both quick and reliable. Customer support for Southeast Asia by Quest Drop is always offered in the local time zone, whether you want to service Vietnam, Indonesia or Singapore. Choose from two channels of support and be assured that only the most attentive of customer service officers will be assigned to your team. Quest Drop offers the following channels for customer support:

  • Email support
  • App store reviews

These options are also available in local languages, for you to best cater to valued VIP customers. Our customer service officers based in Southeast Asia are trained to provide real-time personal support using their respective native languages.

We’ve all encountered poor customer service, sometimes poor enough to make us never want to patronize an app or outlet again. Avoid this situation entirely with Quest Drop’s CSOs. The team is well-trained in handling customers, offers service with a smile, is fluent in the local language you choose, and operates in the same time zone as your players.

Customer support services at Quest Drop are available in English, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Malay.