Don't just run your game

Bring it to life

Live operation of mobile games is both a skill and an art. Back home in a market you’re familiar with, live operations must be a breeze. You know the payment channels your customers prefer, you understand the quirks of how they spend and you’ve got the reassuring support of a strong, home-grown team. But what about when you want to tackle markets outside of the country, specifically Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is a construct. Geographically, the region can be considered as one given the relative proximity of the countries within it. Culturally and developmentally, the region is as fragmented as it can get. How do you prepare for the high speed mobile internet and spending power of Singapore while compensating for the barely-there connections and low disposable income of the Philippines?

Live Operations

At Quest Drop, our team of professionals – experienced in operating various mobile titles in Southeast Asia – have an in-depth understanding of local trends and cultures. This allows us to optimize game features and suggest, implement, and execute in-game events that best fit the Southeast Asian landscape. In short, you can count on us to come up with anything from an event that appeals appeal to the larger and more general SEA audience to a niche one targeting a single country you’re interested in.

Quest Drop also has data analytics experts to advise on the relevant tracking tools and methods to enable you to gain invaluable insights about your users’ behaviour, without asking them directly. You want to observe your new customers enjoying themselves to the fullest – and learn how and why they do it – without disrupting their thought processes with questions. The unbiased data allows you to further optimize your app based on unbiased, honest feedback to improve the overall customer’s experience.

But all this is moot without what really drives live game operations in Southeast Asia. What about technical operations?

Technical Operations

Well, at Quest Drop, we’re backed by a highly-experienced and passionate mobile development team from one of Singapore’s best known game development studios: Daylight Studios. Daylight Studios has developed and launched four mobile games of its own, three with original IP. This invaluable experience enables our engineers, artists, animators and game planners to localize your app to fit the audience better.

Our team is well-placed to help you select the best tools, servers, payment channels and SDKs to integrate. To ensure that you receive the most efficient settings in which to launch your game for Southeast Asia, Quest Drop’s technical experts can advise on the following:

  • Technical development
  • Localized and culturalized content creation
  • Best cloud server setup
  • KPI analytics tools integration
  • Advertising/marketing SDK integration
  • Multiple payment channel SDK integration