Know where to drive the right hype

And the crowds will come

Where do the youth in Indonesia hang out? What’s the hottest new game in Thailand? What messaging app does Vietnam use the most? How can we reach out to users in Malaysia?

These might all be questions on your mind that are oh-so-difficult to get answers for. While gaming data analyst firm Newzoo is moving into Southeast Asia, the market in the region is far from being researched. It’s still a diamond far, far in the rough. And that’s why you need to work with a local company who understands how the locals think. You will always understand your hometown best. This is how we feel too, at Quest Drop.

Local Marketing

Quest Drop knows just how to reach out to the demographics you specify. Get them excited about your next big game via our extensive local marketing channels in Southeast Asia. We can put your ad on buses, trains and taxis. We can get product placements and TV commercials done.

Apart from local marketing, Quest Drop also offers local community management and forums in Southeast Asia to keep driving hype about your game. The engaged user is a retained user.

Need more? Learn more about engaging local celebrities for your product via influencer marketing.

Let us plan your local marketing strategy for the 6 core countries in SEA. Drop us a note at [email protected].