Put your game to the test in SEA

And measure its performance even before launch

So you know that your home market is vastly different from Southeast Asia, and that your game is one that has been built with the sensibilities of home. How can you know if it’s going to be accepted – let alone a success – in the fragmented Southeast Asia region?

There are so many variables and cultural nuances unseen or not even thought of if you’re not a local. It’s tough for a development team coming in from overseas to even break into a specific market in SEA, let alone the region. Cut short that tedious process with Quest Drop’s usability testing services for Southeast Asia game publishing.

User Testing

Test your game with a local audience and find out if it appeals to the Southeast Asia market. Know for a fact if your game works on the most popular smartphone devices in the region. Much of Southeast Asia is still developing, and the phones and tablets they use are very different from those in developed countries. Some of these countries even have locally-made smart devices. Let us help you find out how your game fares on lower-tier smart devices and pinpoint the areas that need to be optimized for SEA.

Our expert testers can find out if there are any potential retention and monetization problems in your game with their cultural and operational understanding of the Southeast Asian market. We can also target specific demographics and gaming habits to find the right test audience to ensure the most meaningful test results.

Quest Drop’s user testing services are available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.